CSF cotton crop harvesting has begun for the second running year

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Harvesting of cotton fields in Bayer’s Certified FiberMax with Sustainable Farming Practices has started since September 15th, 2016.

AIFORIKI S.A. along with its executives has engaged in attending the process of daily harvesting, as Technical Advisor in the pilot programme initiated by Bayer CropScience in April 2015, in order to fully ensure the traceability of the products.

Mr. Vakoufaris Efstathios, the Company’s CEO, visited the region of Thessaly and attended the harvesting at the mapped land parcel with the code afid1081/382-381-2414-171, at the region of MELIA, ROUMSES site, of 6.28 hectares (FLORA variety) that belongs to the producer Mr. Garyfalopoulos Athanasios. The company’s executives that were present at the land parcel were the Agronomists Mr. Zampekas Panagiotis and Mr. Dimakas Dimitrios.