Integrated Crop Management System AGRO 2-1.2-2

The Integrated Crop Management System, in compliance with the AGROCERT (Certification and Supervision Organization of Agricultural Products – national body) standards, is an environment-friendly production method, alternative to conventional ones, according to which the producer drastically decreases the usage of agrochemicals. Farmers are obliged to follow specific production rules, according to indications given by supervising agronomists, and keep record archives of the applied practices, aiming to safeguard the consumer’s health as well as the protection of the environment.

AGROCERT has elaborated the standards AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2, which describe the requirements that have to be met by the farming businesses so that they can be certified for the implementation of the Integrated Crop Management System (ICMS) in the production process.

AGRO 2-1: Standard

The AGRO 2-1 standard includes general requirements in the broad farming sector that can be inspected subjectively. It constitutes the set of principles to be met during the certification process which is applicable in all farming businesses regardless of the type of the production orientation.

AGRO 2-2: Implementation requirements

These requirements describe the technical and legal requirements imposed by the certification scheme. They include the general rules about good farming practices and the accompanying measures about the environment-friendly farming practices aiming to the production of safe quality products and the achievement of perfect environment management.

According to the AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2 standards, the Integrated Management System applies either on a collective basis by Groups of Producers or on an individual basis by individual producers, under scientific support and supervision by a supervising advisor.

After the completion of the 3-year pilot programmes implemented by AGROCERT, a special team of scientists initiated the revision of the AGRO 2 series standards with the integration of up-to-date scientific data in order to meet both the producers’ needs and the markets’ demands.

Recently, AGROCERT proceeded to the specialization of the AGRO 2-2 standard in peach, cotton and olive production.